Vonesper "Battle Plan" Single

Kevin Rankin

Music: Kevin Vonesper / Lyrics: Jess-O-Lantern

Performed and Arranged by: 

Kevin Vonesper - Bass
Kris Halpern - Guitar
Jess-O-Lantern - Vocals
Brian Viglione - Drums
Sam Oatts - Horns
Nina C. Young - Violins

Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Vonesper Studios by Kevin Vonesper and Kris Halpern
Drums recorded by Brian Viglione
Horns recorded by Sam Oatts
Violins by Nina C. Young 

Vonesper "Coward/Prodigal Daughter"

Kevin Rankin

Vonesper "Coward/Prodigal Daughter"


2 Song Single released 13 June 2015

Written, arranged, performed, produced, mixed and mastered at Vonesper Studios by Vonesper (Kevin Vonesper, Kris Halpern, Jessi Riese). Violins by Nina C. Young. 

Making of: www.youtube.com/watch?v=D70hOc0Q2X4 

100 one-of-a-kind DIY CD Single covers by Claudia Crespo: 

Vonesper "Stalemate"

Kevin Rankin

Vonesper "Stalemate"


13 song album released 27 February 2014

Words and Music by Kevin Vonesper except (1), music by Kevin Vonesper & Rachel Krause

Produced and Recorded by Kevin Vonesper and Kris Halpern at Vonesper Studios, Astoria, NY

Additional Recording by Keith Rankin at Evil Kitty Studios, The Colony, TX

Mixed by Kevin Vonesper and Kris Halpern  with assistance of Flam (Mindsweve Studios), Philip Aitken & Scott Machover (Better Luck Dead Man) 

Mastered by Michael A. Judeh for DeadScratch Productions

Performed and Arranged by Vonesper
Meg Doxy: All Vocals (except where noted) 
Kevin Vonesper: Bass, Programming, Keyboards. 
Kris Halpern: All Guitars (except where noted) 
Rachel Krauss & Rebecca Schlappish: Violins
Sam Oatts: Horns (3, 4), Voices (10, 11) 
Erica Xenne: Piano (10, 11) 
Ed Joseph Maximilian Norey III: Additional Guitars (3, 6, 12), Vocals (12) 
Daltron Jobson: Guitar solos (6, 7), Additional rhythm guitars (7) 
Keith Rankin: Guitar solo (11) 
Krztoff: Additional lead vocals (7), Background vocals and noise (10) 
Lou Are: Screams, Voices (7, 8, 9, 13) 
Tibbie X: Additional lead vocals (9) 
Eddie Cooper: Background vocals (2, 12) 
Evan Kleinman: Screams (13) 
Greg Engbrecht: Vocal percussion (11) 
Bill Manspeaker: (6) 

Artwork Created by: Kevin Vonesper & Kris Halpern
Logo Art: Demetrius Felder (with design by Kevin Vonesper, Janice Garingo & Victoria Stewart) 
Photography and Cover: Dwayne Burgess

Vonesper "Art-i-ficial" (X-Ray Spex Cover)

Kevin Rankin

Vonesper "Art-i-ficial" (X-Ray Spex Cover)


Vonesper: Kevin Vonesper. Kris Halpern, Meg Doxy, Sam Oatts, Rebecca DeRosa, Daltron Jobson

from REBEL ON THE UNDERGROUND: A Tribute to -ay Spex, released 12 April 2012 

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Kevin Vonesper & Kris Halpern
Vonesper Studios Astoria, NY
Drum Mix Consultant: Scott Machover