Vonesper Releases New Single and Music Video for "Battle Plan", Launches Patreon

Kevin Rankin

On June 28, NYC-based band Vonesper released their first ever music video for new single "Battle Plan" along with a Patreon.com fundraising campaign.  The 1 minute song and video was produced and filmed in the band's own Vonesper Studios by their core members Kevin Vonesper (bass), Kris Halpern (guitar) and Jess-O-Lantern (vocals) and features Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes) on drums and long time project collaborators Sam Oatts (Hudson Hank, Kiss Kiss) and Nina C Young on horns and violins respectively.  This song kicks-off a new ongoing series of DIY singles and art to be released for free download and streaming using the funds of the Patreon campaign.

The video shows the band performing in electric blue glow, damaged with glittery blue gore while singer Jess-O-Lantern slays the demons that have held the band back (time, love and vanity) represented by actors Kayla O'Keefe, Brendan Taylor and Jeff Grunn (both of the band Devil in the Belfry).  Following the video is a brief visual past, present and future of Vonesper's first 15 years as a project in founder Kevin's own words to connect with their Patreon fundraising campaign.

Vonesper is an epic rock band based in New York City, the flagship musical project of Vonesper Studios conceived and constructed by Kevin Vonesper in 2001. It a constantly growing collective of musicians and artists with different levels of contributions live, in the studio and with visual aesthetics.  The project has included members of Green Jelly, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, BILE, GASH and Kiss Kiss.

The band is currently available for press and interview opportunities:  vonesper@gmail.com